Pension Changes to Hit VCT/EIS Prime Time

This season, opportunities to capitalise on Venture Capital Trust and Enterprise Investment Schemes
will be toughly contested. A forecast of fewer offer launches and restrictions on fundraising mean
slim pickings are likely.

In the meantime, competition for such opportunities grows as HMRC reduce pension payouts for those
with a total taxable income over £150,000 coupled with caps on the lifetime investment into pensions set at £1m, these factors combined with the ageing population has seen demand for VCT and EIS offers driven higher than ever before.

Competitive advantage

Those who want to make sure they take the opportunities that arise in this year’s reduced market
will need to find a competitive advantage. The savvy investor will need to know where to look, as
the scope of businesses that qualify for VCT and EIS funding narrows.

The type, size and maturity of a business are all restrictions that have been adjusted to EU state
aid rules which came into effect November 2015. Smaller, newer businesses are the best
opportunities now and not having this insight could mean big disappointments for those, not in the

Identifying opportunity is a shifting field for the EIS and VCT providers and the challenge required to manage the investment process with the Investor, IFA and the Investee companies does not diminish. The technology to take the legwork out of this process is available and using it is no longer optional if you want to ensure success.

LIBRIS Financial

Managing the Investors, IFA’s and indeed the investee companies as the business expands brings many challenges. For those maintaining a diverse and broad portfolio of tax efficient products, or those just nurturing their first investments, staying on top of the landscape can seem challenging.

LIBRIS Financial is a solution that not only allows hassle-free management of client portfolios but also delivers data direct to the client and IFA using the latest technologies. A comprehensive and highly customisable platform that allows application process management, investor portfolio management, investor and IFA portals and a dedicated IFA relationship management system are features that mean you won’t have to guess at the best route when rules and requirements change.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about LIBRIS Financial and take advantage of the full range of features and benefits that our powerful financial portfolio management software provides. Give us a call on 0207 256 1234 or send us an email at