Using spreadsheets? How accurate is your data?

Report with a handwritten question mark next to a number, representing inaccuracies that can occur when using spreadsheets to record financial information

Even after being extremely careful to ensure all data is entered correctly and accurately, we can’t deny that, when working with spreadsheets, the chances of something going wrong are very high.

One mistake can make a huge difference in the overall picture and, as detecting mistakes isn’t always simple, one small slip up could start a domino effect.


Pension Changes to Hit VCT/EIS Prime Time


This season, opportunities to capitalise on Venture Capital Trust and Enterprise Investment Schemes
will be toughly contested. A forecast of fewer offer launches and restrictions on fundraising mean
slim pickings are likely.

In the meantime, competition for such opportunities grows as HMRC reduce pension payouts for those
with a total taxable income over £150,000 coupled with caps on the lifetime investment into pensions set at £1m, these factors combined with the ageing population has seen demand for VCT and EIS offers driven higher than ever before.


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