What we offer

Our Investment Management Software & Financial Software Systems

Exact offer a range of professional, enterprise level products and services for the Investment Management Industry.

Our expertise in delivering secure, reliable and efficient financial software systems systems has been demonstrated many times over at a number of large, global financial institutions. What separates us as a software company is our willingness to listen to our clients requirements and work closely with them to provide the right solution for their business. We shape our solutions to fit the business process of our clients - not the other way round.

As a result, our clients take delivery of a solution that performs entirely as expected. There simply isn't any excess. No functionality that they pay for but never use...just a solid, yet flexible and easily adaptable solution that fits their business needs now and for the future.

Our flagship product, Exact Financial, by design is modular: clients can benefit from the entire suite or can specify any of the standalone modules, adding others later as required.

We provide a full tailoring service for all or any of the standalone Exact Financial Modules as well as a complete bespoke system development service. We can interface any of our modules with existing legacy systems - enhancing the business service those systems provide, extending their life expectancy.

Standalone Products

  • Total Back/Front/Middle Office Solution
  • Client Reporting
  • Performance Attribution
  • STP - Calastone & Crest/Euroclear
  • Outsource Resilience Risk Mitigation
  • Compliance Management
  • Fund Accounting General Ledger

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