Ultrasecure Hosted Systems for Financial Data Security

LIBRIS Financial can be configured to allow UltraSecure Data Repositories- the so called 'Cloud Computing' with the safety and integrity of knowing exactly where data resides. Our data repositories can be pinpointed to the physical location, rack and server configurations - an important consideration for compliance obligations.

Using our proven, industry strength UltraSecure platform, Libris Financial can offer data repository capability to Financial companies keen to reduce existing overheads or take advantage of modern secure database processing.

Libris cloud allows:
  • Known physical location
  • Legacy Data Import
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Customised Data Processing
  • Https requests
  • XML data delivery
  • Email notifications
  • Secure Upload/Download
  • Customised API
  • Data Integration
  • Ultrasecure platform
  • Dedicated databases
  • Web Portal
  • Full Regulatory Compliance
Libris cloud includes:
  • Full Data Management
  • Comprehensive Web Enquiries
  • Massive Capacity
  • SWIFT format option
  • Full Support
  • Complete Maintenance
  • Dedicated, Professional team
  • IBM MQ integration
What is ultrasecure:
  • Secure Key authenticity
  • SSL/Https/SSH
  • Ex MoD nuclear bunker known physical location
  • Industry strength Firewalls
  • IP lockdown
  • Customised Security options

(We respect the wishes of Company X to remain anonymous for its own publicity shy purposes)

City of London Fund Management Company X, with over £9bn under management has three back-office systems, one middle office system and a multitude of spreadsheet based applications, all supporting their business critical data flow. Problems with data integration, complex processing, standardisation, support and reliability issues began to arise and over time, these issues were becoming a drain on personnel and financial resources.

Company X decided it was time to do something about these issues, embarking on a project to build a central database, consisting of core client data, and feeding in client investment data on a daily basis. The ability to extract data from the various b/o systems, reconcile that data and import it into the core database was crucial, as was the need to be able to process the data and deliver it back to the front end user applications in the required formats for onward use.

To embark on an internal project to build such a database was estimated at least £350,000/six months and this solution was not really an option as already stretched personnel and budgets conspired against any opportunities to commence with the development.

Exact were consulted to outline how the Libris Financial UltaSecure Cloud could be used to facilitate their requirements, which included:

  • Data extraction from a number of legacy systems
  • Reconciliation and data import into new database
  • Programmable logic to produce derived data
  • Parameterised https requests to initiate processing
  • XML return feeds to deliver data
  • Automated download file production
  • Electronic delivery of reporting and files by email
  • PDF file generation and delivery
  • Customised API for integration into existing applications
  • SSH Ftp service
  • Highest levels of security
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Ongoing development at preferential timescales/rates

Because we can leverage the database structures of our own Libris Financial Portfolio Management System, we were able to effectively map their data to our platform. Hence Company X was able to make immediate use of a high-secure financial database model together with the inbuilt integration methods to achieve secure data flow.

With no software or hardware to purchase and configure, Company X's data mapping was the only task in order to integrate to the Libris Financial Cloud.

Within 2 months, the development of the processing specifications was completed and tested - and by the end of the third month, the system was live and operational - all at a fraction of the cost of building an internal core client database, whilst maintaining full regulatory compliance.

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