Resilience Risk

Outsource Resilience Risk Mitigation (FCA SYSC 8) 


Libris Financial Resilience Risk Software - Unrivalled Business Continuity Should Outsource Providers Fail

Exact have many years of experience in collecting, securing, cleansing and re-distributing financial data. Our expertise is based on a consistent approach, applied logic, industry knowledge and accurate data indexing. Couple this with an instantly available software platform with massive capacity and applied programmable logic to derive specific data requirements - the result is an UltraSecure, powerful, robust and reliable, highly capable duplicated database and software infrastructure to satisfy your company's information, processing and distribution obligations to comply with regulations such as SYSC 8.

Ensuring Financial Data is Useful and Actionable When Needed

Financial Data Resilience is an essential operation in order to provide a solid, reliable corporate database infrastructure to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements for mitigation of resilience risk. The issues that arise through data mapping, formatting, cleansing and reconciliations are by no means straightforward. However, Libris Financial comes with an Instant Data Repository - essentially a blue-printed database structure of the Investment Management process. Outsource supplier information can be ported to our data repository with the minimum of effort, and businesses can take full advantage of Exact’s well proven data migration approach, software tools and professionalism by tapping into our experience of many successful data transfers.

The Libris Financial data ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) facilitates data integration by providing the framework and tools to move data from disparate source systems to our Data Repository. The framework has the capacity, tools, flexibility, accuracy and crucially, experience and past successes, to assure any company that it can perform the complex tasks it was designed for.

Daily refreshes - keeps data up to date

Regular refreshing of data into our Data Repository are easily accommodated by a number of secure scheduled processes. We currently import millions of holdings positions and their underlying transactions on a daily basis for a number of our clients. These daily schedules are automatically reconciled prior to being 'released' for archiving, processing or onward transmission.

Business Process Continuity - the instant In-source

Having a complete copy of transactional data provides only part of the resilience service. Just as importantly, should an outsource supplier fail, client data processing can continue with a fully operational fund administration platform - our own Libris Financial Fund Administration hosted system- that allows truly servicable data processing as an effective in-source operation. This data/software combination provides for unrivalled business continuity possibilities.

Data Collection

Data can be supplied to us by a number of modern, secure mechanisms. We operate a variety of data delivery methods including MQ Series, interactive Web Services, Secure FTP, SSH or any custom method preferred by our clients.

We have been providing Data Transfer Services to a number of international financial companies for a number of years. All new clients can expect to be able to leverage from this wealth of experience in development, implementation and support.

Moving to a New Supplier

Once chosen, the migration to a new supplier is managed easily and effectively by our data migration service, which means corporate data processing can be resumed in the earliest possible timeframes.

Oversight Risk Mitigation

Govern, control and manage all your supplier relationships in one place, using SupplierVision, co-developed and hosted by us for our industry partner, Knadel Software Solutions Ltd.

For more details please follow: SupplierVision

LIBRIS Financial is a VCT, EIS, IHT friendly system