Libris GL – Fund Accounting Software System

Fund Accounting General Ledger for Legacy System Integration

The Libris Financial Fund Accounting General Ledger is an advanced General Ledger platform that can be fed from transaction level data from any legacy system(s) to create ledger journal entries based on specific rule conditions. The General Ledger includes the concept of Funds with Multi-Currency, Multi-Fiscal Ledgers with full double entry self balancing journals.

Designed to operate on a corporate scale, with the performance ability to load 8,000 transactions a second using custom data import facilities, combining data flow control systems, error and rejection exception reporting and data re-play operations - users remain in total control of their data. Complete financial transparency from GL Account Balances, to transactions, journal batches and originating source data transactions.

With massive capacity, proven reliability, speed and performance the Libris Financial Fund Accounting General Ledger is an enterprise level GL solution that is flexible, adaptable, robust and importantly, trusted by a number of UK and Overseas based Financial Institutions.

As a measure of the scalabilty, Libris GL clients range from just 8 fund portfolios, to over 10,000.

Totally Flexible Reporting
Using the GL balances, create an infinite number of reporting output per portfolio based on fully reconciled, cleansed data. From Profit Analysis to full Market Value Reconciliations - Libris Fund Accounting General Ledger is THE tool for customised portfolio accounting reporting.

Who can benefit from LIBRIS Fund Accounting General Ledger?

  • financial investment companies who have a need to create multi-client, multi-fund flexible General Ledgers where source data initiates from any investment accounting system
  • where existing GL functionality fails to be granular enough for reporting purposes
  • where data from more than one source needs to be combined for accounting purposes
  • where control of journal postings are to be based on user defined rules processing logic
  • asset managers who have chosen to outsource but wish to retain a level of control and oversight without major overheads


How does LIBRIS Fund Accounting General Ledger work?

Central Database
Core to the system is the Investment and Fund Accounting database. The database contains a map for storage of virtually any financial transaction movement. Imported data can be standardised to ensure accurate categorisation within the posting rules logic. Fast and reliable, the database provides the back-bone of all financial and investment movements and reconciliations. The central database allows users to create Accounts (P&L, Balance Sheet), Charts, Ledgers, Funds, Securities, Transaction Types and other necessary static data.

Web Interface
There is an intuitive Web based interface where Users can quickly access, process and report on detailed Fund Accounting information, as well as to configure the control processes for data import/export and the all important Posting Rules Logic. Maintain Funds, Ledger, Periods, Period Ends, Re-open prior periods, Year End processing and flexible enquiries and reports. The inbuilt report writer allows for customised portfolio reporting across the entire fund trial balance.

Posting Rules Logic
Core to the system is the mechanism for users to control how journals are constructed and posted. This is performed within the Posting Rule Logic, which allows users to dissect investment transactions into their individual elements, allow conditional logic to create an Event (eg. If 'Security Type = Equity' or 'If Consideration > 1,000,000') to be applied to transaction elements in order to determine the posting entries. Posting entries themselves can be created to link elements of a transaction to a GL account via the Event Logic.

High Flexibility
Multi-Company, Multi-Client, Multi-Fund, Multi-Currency with infinite number of Accounts, Charts, Ledgers, Universal or Currency Specific Posting Rules, infinite number of Events, Conditions and Journal Elements. Creates only self balancing journals, with Account Auto-Creation functionality. Report Trial Balances, Period balances, GL transactions with full audit back to originating source, reconciliations, Investment Accounting tracking facilities, error and exception reporting as well as any customised enquiry or reporting facility dictated by clients.