Libris STP - UltraSecure Calastone & Euroclear Crest Messaging

LIBRIS Financial incorporates a standalone Calastone and Crest/Euroclear messaging module: LIBRIS Financial STP (Calastone and Crest are available independently)

By leveraging our own, proven, industry strength UltraSecure platform, Libris Financial STP has been designed to easily integrate into any existing Back Office System to provide secure transactional messaging to and from Calastone and Euroclear/Crest. Either module can be configured as a 'black box', integrating with existing in-house applications.

Libris STP Features
  • SWIFT/BT SettleNET Interface
  • ISO 15022 ( ISO20022 ready)
  • Standalone Platform
  • Hosted or In-house system
  • Broker/Client Trade Import
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Transaction Amend/Release
  • Message Generation
  • Message Delivery
  • Message Receipts
  • Message Control Centre
  • Email notifications
  • Secure Upload/Download
  • Customised Web Services API
  • Data Integration
  • Ultrasecure platform
  • Dedicated database
  • Web Portal
  • Automatic Full Duplex Recs
  • Exception Reporting
  • EXACT Provide:
  • Two way Calastone Interface
  • Two way Crest/Euroclear Interface
  • SWIFT or BT SettleNET Compatibility
  • ISO15022 standard
  • Data Integration platform
  • Seure Data Warehouse
  • Complete Maintenance
  • Web Based Enquiries and Reports
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Dedicated, Professional team
  • What is ultrasecure:
  • Secure Key authenticity
  • SSL/Https/SSH
  • Ex MoD nuclear bunker physical location
  • Industry strength Firewalls
  • IP lockdown
  • Customised Security options

  • Case Example - Company Y, Libris Crest

    (We respect the wishes of Company Y to remain anonymous for its own publicity shy purposes)

    West End Based Discretionary Private Client Manager, Company Y, with over 2500 clients under management runs an efficient back office process but relied on the Crest GUI for Euroclear trade notifications. Increasing trade volumes soon highlighted the need for automation to end the burden of dual input.

    Company Y investigated the market for Plug and Play Crest Solutions. Exact were contacted and asked to provide a proposal, including timescales and costings.

    After narrowing the selection down to 3, Exact were asked to implement a Proof of Concept trial. Test data was sent to us, and we converted this data to our Libris Financial Crest System. Access was given to the Web-based User Interface, and Company Y were able to process Crest Messages and FSA notification messaging to a demonstration SWIFT Gateway.

    As the only contender to complete a full trial and with the most attractive costings, the green light was given to implement the full system.

    Within 2 months, the system was fully operational and ready for the obligatory full Crest Trialing - which was completed successfully first time.

    Live operations commenced soon after and to data Company Y still enjoys the reliability, support and dedicated service for which Exact are renowned.

    Company Y's LIBRIS Financial Euroclear/Crest implementation included:

    • Trade data extraction from two legacy systems
    • Reconciliation and trade data import into Libris Crest Database
    • Trade data review/amend
    • Trade release
    • Deliveries/Transfers/Requests messaging
    • Matching and Settlement
    • Full ACK/NAK notification exceptions
    • CAP Limits
    • Stock & Cash Balances for multiple Crest Accounts
    • Full Duplex Stock/Cash Balance Reconciliations
    • FSA Reporting of Client Trade Notifications
    • SSH Ftp service
    • Highest levels of security
    • Support and Maintenance
    • Ongoing development at preferential timescales/rates
    • SWIFT interface message format

    Trial The LIBRIS FINANCIAL CREST system for free - call or email and we'll convert your test data and give you access to our crest platform for you to trial - totally free! +44 (0) 207 256 1234