Libris Financial FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our portfolio and investment management software.

Q: Our company have a urgent requirement for a system, how quick is implementation?
A: New Company start ups can be operational in a matter of weeks, if a data migration is required you could be live in 3 months. We have migrated, developed Libris Financial to match exisiting business processes and implemented live in just 3 months. Using proven technologies to run exclusively through a standard web browser allows for fast development timescales and minimal user training. The result? Rapid implementation and reduced costs.

Q: Isn't Libris Financial just another system among many?
A: Definitely NOT Just Another 'Portfolio Management System'.......Libris Financial is, we believe, the ONLY complete Portfolio Management System, that can be 100% tailored to your business with the option of an Ultrasecure hosted ASP platform or implemented as an in-house solution..or as with some of our clients...both! Far from being just another Portfolio Management system, Libris Financial includes as standard applications such as Performance Attribution and Client Reporting. Libris Financial is constantly being developed to incorporate even greater levels of functionality demanded by our clients - all of which become standard for others to leverage.

Q: Is Libris value for money?
A: All our implementations have provided immense value for money. Our clients have all been genuinely surprised at what we can provide for their business in return for their investment in Libris Financial.

Q: Is the Libris Financial database flexible and open?
A: Libris Financial has been developed as an ‘open’ database to allow for easy movement of data between in-house and third party systems. This allows us to integrate data from multiple systems into the client reporting packs and distribute them by paper or seamlessly email them as electronic attachments to clients, counterparties and trusted third parties.

Q: Can I view a demo of Libris Financial On-line?
A: Yes, of course. Just contact us and we will send you an email form to complete (2 mins). We can then send you a specific URL to follow, together with a Username and Password.

If you require any further answers to any questions regarding Libris Financial, please call us today: Tel: +44 (0) 207 256 1234