Compliance Management

LIBRIS Breachmaster compliance & incident management software is a purpose built system for the centralised tracking of FCA and custom defined regulatory breaches. It offers a host of functionality that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-location, multi-tier administrative teams.

Who can benefit from LIBRIS Breachmaster?

  • All companies who have a regulatory obligation to track breaches that have occurred within the course of its daily business operations.
  • All companies whose Compliance department need to maintain a history of the nature of breaches, causes, remedial action taken and recurrence avoidance.
  • All companies who will be required to demonstrate good Conduct of Business and have implemented Systems and Controls that meet the required standards in the area of breach recording.
  • LIBRIS Breachmaster is a hosted system allowing trusted users from other institutions outside your company network, to gain access to update or enquire on breach information. This makes LIBRIS Breachmaster ideal for companies with multiple locations and multiple administration companies.

Key functions of LIBRIS Breachmaster

Central Database
LIBRIS Breachmaster is a single central repository for all of a company’s recorded breaches, containing critical information including details of original breach, remedial activities, communications, documentation for breach avoidance and high level Compliance sign-off. Comprehensive reporting and enquiry options combined with file download facilities allow fast access to recorded data.

Web Interface
LIBRIS Breachmaster offers a Web based interface so Users can quickly access and enter key information. Date and time stamped Comment History can be attached to a recorded breach which assists compliance personnel to better track regulatory breaches and any electronic documentation can be attached to the breach for central filing and later enquiry.

Breach Significance
LIBRIS Breachmaster provides the ability to categorise rules, indicating the ‘breach significance’ or RAG (Red, Amber, Green) category. Where a breach is deemed to be of high significance, (ie. Red) LIBRIS BreachMaster has the ability to email Central Compliance mail address with the details as soon as the breach has been categorised as ‘Red’ or ‘Amber’.

High Flexibility
LIBRIS Breachmaster can be a single or multi-company system, allowing for static data (e.g. products, funds, teams, rules, cause of breach, how breach found etc.,) to be defined for a single company, multiple companies or all companies and for the users to be associated to teams within companies to restrict the system access via a series of User Access Levels for initial recording, senior level intervention and ultimate sign-off.