Client Reporting

Our Financial Reporting Software

Revolutionise the way you report to your clients - increased efficiency and automation saves time and costs. All our clients have been able to streamline considerably their financial reporting processes and they still marvel at the savings in time and effort at every reporting cycle.

Exact recognise that 'Client Reporting’ software on its own is too shallow a term to describe the overwhelming amount of data, mechanisms and processes that need to converge to provide the varying levels of information reporting required by Investment Managers of today. The ‘Libris Financial Client Reporting’ software has been developed to the specification of a number of Fund Managers’ requirements and the result is an entirely unique and modern application that provides for the demands of the Investment Managers of today, as well as keeping a close eye on the trends and reporting needs of tomorrow.

Originally developed over a decade ago as our famous OneGo product, which provided years of trouble free, flexible reporting for a number of our clients, our latest Client Reporting application, is the culmination of the operational successes within the intervening years coupled with non-stop development to meet the growing needs of Investment Managers in an ever changing market environment..

Today, Client Reporting can no longer be defined as just the timely production of client reporting packs, containing as usual the combination of:

  • Fund fact-sheets
  • Investment Reviews
  • Fund valuations
  • Consolidated Valuations
  • Trading Statements
  • Cash Statements
  • Performance Reports
  • Tax Packs
  • Fee Invoices

Libris Financial Client Reporting, naturally, can produce all of these fundamental reports but addresses much more broader requirements such as consistency across reports, inclusion of Pie Charts and Graphs, using flexible styles, fonts, logos and images across investment products, speed and methods of delivery to clients and their affiliates via electronic means as well as (or instead of) traditional printed material.

Most financial organisations consider Client Reporting as an essential part of good client service and in many instances as the service level differentiator. Exact were keen to establish from the outset that we are able to address the needs of our clients, but allow them to retain their individuality in terms of presentation style and delivery mechanisms.

Portfolio Reporting can therefore be considered totally flexible and adaptable to the reporting requirements of any Investment Manager.

Libris Financial Client Reporting has a three-pronged approach to effective Client Reporting:

  • Source Data Management
  • Report Production and Delivery
  • Alternative Investment Strategy

Source Data Management is critical to the accuracy and timely production of communicated information. A core component of the system is our well-proven ETL engine - used successfully many times over for our Data Migration and Archive services. It allows data to be imported from multiple sources, with built-in automated secure ftp and integrity reconciliation.

A full and comprehensive Secure Web Portal module allows Managers to view all the financial data captured prior to report production, including:

  • Fund valuations
  • Transaction History
  • Cash Statements History
  • Performance Data
  • Income receipts
  • Pie Charts and Graphs

Report Production and Delivery will vary widely between Investment Management companies. Inherent flexibility in terms of report styles and despatch (paper or electronic) allow us to respond to the most demanding requests for report production. Customisation allows for the unique styles and formats. Derived data calculations based on rules logic can be accommodated within reports. Regular scheduling and ad-hoc production eases the burden of those ‘quarter-ends’ and client visits. By using the widely acceptable pdf format as the standard report delivery mechanism, electronic requests (such as a parameterised https request) and electronic delivery (such as automated email attachments or web-based browser downloads) are easily accommodated. More complex electronic data transfer can be implemented such as simple and secure ODBC access to a comprehensive WebServices provision for data receipt and report distribution. We can even offer fund managers the ability to access and enquire upon portfolios, generate and distribute Client reports via the iPhone or iPad - developed specifically for client visits or presentations.

Libris FastForms - makes the task of loading external clients and portfolios simplicity itself! Where there is a need to incorporate externally managed portfolios, eg. under a Trust Scheme, Libris Financial Client Reporting, simplifies the process of loading on 3rd party portfolios using the Libris FastForms extension. By uploading data using FastForms, clients and portfolios can be instantly created and verified, thereby allowing their inclusion in any Client Reporting packs.

We do the design - the onerous task of physically designing the Client Reporting packs is removed by opting for our experienced design team service. We can build reports to your specification as part of the all in price of deployment. Any subsequent changes are usually easily accomodated within an annual maintenance agreement and are rapidly integrated into any existing Libris Client Reporting schedules.

Alternative Investment Strategy ensures an ability to accommodate within a series of standard investment reports a readiness to adapt existing formats to include certain alternative instruments such as Derivatives or even investments in Fine Art or Aircraft, and to embody the specific reporting requirements such investments dictate. Our continuing development strategy in this area is key to enabling us to react to a fast-changing financial market sector. Efficient data management allows the sharing of alternative investment data from, eg. Paintings or Yachts, and rapid report development for its inclusion either at portfolio level or consolidation within a consistent pack.

Libris Financial Client Reporting can be implemented as an in-house system or as a fully hosted service that leverages from our experience and wisdom of many years of successful UltraSecure data warehousing and repository services, enjoyed by all of our Investment Management clients.

The core data repository is a highly sophisticated database capable of handling huge volumes of data and processing. This provides the central hub for Portfolio Reporting.

The secure interactive gateways allow trusted users the ability to view portfolio data and request/receive client reports via the central hub, from anywhere in the world.

We have partnerships with External printing companies who are able to prepare final bound copies of client reports and we are able to allow them access to the Client Reporting data in a variety of electronic formats.