The Ark - Legacy Data Archive

The ARK - the only dedicated financial system data archiving solution



When a company decides to replace, merge or outsource systems that store key financial data, one of the biggest challenges, is what to do with all the accumulated historic data.

Whether the result of company mergers, new system acquisition or outsourcing to third parties, Exact can help.

The ARK is a cost effective solution already adopted by Wealth and Asset Managers to safeguard their historic data and comply with data retention regulations.


The ARK provides:

Legal Compliance - The archive is a ‘frozen’ data repository that satisfies your legal responsibility for retention and retrieval of historic client records.

Ultra Secure - Your data will be stored physically in a UK based ex-MOD/NATO nuclear bunker facility, complete with fully audited electronic and physical data security. Access is over a secure encrypted internet connection locked to your location.

Low Cost - An annual fee that includes hosting and support providing an ultra-secure on-line service requiring just a web browser for access.

Industry Proven - The ARK is a mature product, having been in the marketplace for 10 years; it is the low risk, cost effective solution used by Global Banks and other respected financial institutions.

Built-in Reporting - The data is migrated and translated to The ARK database structure giving immediate benefit of a suite of standard inquiries and reports.

Custom Database - Additional reports can be developed, alternatively ad-hoc ODBC reporting writing tools can be made available


Banks, asset management firms, pension funds, multinational financial institutions, trustees or boutique fund managers will be in good company amongst our existing clients who have identified The ARK data archiving software as the only hosted Ultra Secure Solution available.

Maintaining old legacy systems is expensive and requires expertise.  Frequently data has been stored on multiple systems many of which will have been decommissioned and the knowledge to extract that data and use the system is no longer within the organisation.

The annual costs of maintaining this data can be significant but are never questioned since an alternative more cost efficient way of storing and accessing this data is never considered or identified.

Organisations need to respond in a timely fashion to clients’ requests for historic data as well as having to deal with regulatory requests for information and historic audits which often occur unexpectedly, indeed tax authorities have increasing powers to request data that may go back ten years or more. All these requests must supply accurate and meaningful data.

The ARK answers all these questions.  Talk to us about your legacy data archiving needs and we can provide you with the solution.